Covert Torture, Harassment, and Experimentation

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  • Gang Stalking
  • Covert Harassment
  • Mind Control
  • Direct Energy weapons
  • Electronic Harassment

Gang stalking, covert harassment, organized stalking, and mind control experimentation using unwitting citizens are all something very real, but hidden from most people. As directed by officials within intelligence, I suspect, they are not reported by the news media, tabloids, or even the more alternative sources of news (pacifica, PBS, etc). All one needs to do is to use any of the words in bold above in searches on google, or other search engines. The similarities in nature and character that all of these forms of covert government and corperate crimes aimed at innocent citizens have are found within my own experience as a victim. They all aim at the psychology of the target, and they are all continual, cruel, sick, and highly criminal but covert. I recommend the site created by an organized stalking victim: 

Some weeks past, I erased my blogs here on wordpress, because I thought things where changing for the better in my life, but there is one thing that anyone attempting to understand the phenomena of covert government and corperate torture (which includes organized stalking and harassment, covert harassment, technological surviellance and harassment, mind control experimentation) should know, that is that these torture campaigns are forever implementing initiatives that aim at manipulating the target. It is a never ending game, a game of terror. Targets, like myself, are continually assaulted, deceived, tortured, and in some cases murdered! All points that I plan to touch on in this blog, as I try to take a different approach to blogging. I might add that since I began blogging my experiences as a target of sick and cruel psychological violence and harassment, my blogging has become a game for them. Often they orchestrate harassment in attempts to manipulated me into blogging it, because it might be so far fetched. The people who have assaulted my life, manipulated my family, stole or drained money in their institutional fruads, and have caused a living nightmare for me are cruel and sick beyond belief! If the local police really knew the full story they would be crippled with disgust, but the full story is cloaked, as I would say, in lies, threats and gag rules put to family, friends, and anyone co-opted to perform in the terror campaign, including doctors within the health profession.  So, control of information is very carefully done in these campaigns.  

It must be stated that the saved portions of my blog here, that related to the details of the assault on my entire life, were erased from my e-mail in-box. I had saved them and sent them to myself after writing them. This brings up a serious crime being perpetrated against me (one amongst many), almost daily, for reasons of not only censorship, but harassment, and perhaps baiting (attempts to aggitate and frustrate to make me freak). I have no secure e-mail account, and psycho-terrorists who co-opt people to enter my home, also use the internet, and my accounts, as vehicles to harass, terrorize and invade my privacy. need I say targets have virturally no pravacy from these terrorist.

This is how they have manipulate my correspondence with family and friends. This is how they hope to kill me without any evidence. It is a blanket control of information. Case in point: other ‘authentic’ targets that may leave comments on my blogs, the people doing this to me are certain to erase from my blogs before I see them.  This is their way of isolating the target within the target community, and contributes to the total isolation of the target.

Gang Stalking , often the targets are assaulted with  Direct Energy Weaponselectronic harassmentand are sometimes victims of Mind Control Experimentation. Organized harassment is something I knew nothing about most of my adult life, but after becoming a target I eventually discovered what was happening to me was a hidden and highly criminal phenomena. Victims are stalked harassed and terrorized everywhere. The people who run these campaigns are seriously sick, and I can say this because I have endured some of the sickest froms of harassment imaginable. Here is a link to another blog of mine:

Exposing some of these crimes are other the victims:!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!1908.entry


A very good and accurate report about what gang stalking and covert community based organised harassment is can be found on youtube. The video is entitled Target Individual (TI) # 32:

The youtube presentations Target Individual states the facts, that these government and corperate sponsored organized harassment (gang stalking) is something that has grown out of the Cointelpro and MK Ultra covert operations of the 1950s, 60s and 70s, operations that have been well documented and were brought before representatives during the Senate hearings (for MK Ultra). Cointelpro was the forerunner of todays gang stalking, and MK Ultra’s experimentation with drugs and mind control techniques on unwitting targeted individuals makes it a forerunner, as well, of any covert government psychological operation, including gang stalking. MK Ultra files were destroyed deliberately on orders given by CIA’s director Richard Helms. Today, elements of these early CIA covert operations are at work in our public spaces, designed to torture targets and drive some to their death by inducing suicide.       

Another good source on government harassment mind control and gang stalking is from G.J. Hoogeboom, a researcher and writer on the subjects of psychotronic harassment and mind control:         

Gang-stalking relies heavily on …

1. the target becoming so psychologically demoralized that he/she believes there must be something wrong with him/her and is, therefore, afraid to say anything for fear others will think them crazy;

2. the target will have no evidence beyond his/her word that the gang-stalking is happening;

3. the target will have no detailed records or documentation showing what, when, where, and to what extent;

4. the target will not be able to find out who the perpetrators are or those involved in the gang-stalking. – Lynn Stuter 

Torture By Satellite on xiando   

A note on electromagnetic harassment and psychotronics/Direct Energy Weapons 

The “beauty” of directed energy weapons is that they can increase brain wave frequency to a state of disabling agitation – a state virtually indistinguishable from acute paranoia. So no one ever investigates any individual cases because they’re all coming from people who (a) live alone, (b) exhibit symptoms of paranoia, and (c) are usually financially insolvent. In other words, considered in isolation, these victims resemble head-cases. However, I think if anyone bothered to study these complaints en masse, a pattern would emerge.”  portland indymedia  &  xiando covert government

Some links about covert harassment and technological torture using unwitting citizens: 


  1. Hi there,

    Some good posting and some good links. You might also wish to add the website, to your list. It’s new and tries to explain the structure of what we are up against.

    Keep up the good stuff.

  2. Well they certainly do play at the same tricks world wide don’t they. I just listened to the tape on Derrick Robinsons site also, on gangstalking victims speaking up, makes no difference which corner of the globe they’re all delusional on power trips. The perps I mean, take care and stay safe, Judy.

  3. When creating a timeline for your Electronic Harassment, one tip I read is to look for a traumatic event in your life, and try to pinpoint the EH Stalking’s first date of occurrence or escalation. Observers WILL blame the event rather than the debilitating process, because Traumatic Stress can provide cover for what is happening on a personal level. My event was timed with my brother’s decision to hire this guy named Tom John Russell, Durham, CT. He thought he had a lifetime job on his first day. Many tangible events on my personal timeline originate from this point. Most important, family and friends point to the tragic event of my father’s passing [about a year after this guy’s start date] as the root of all MY stress, my hidden escalating EH issues. Keep your eyes out for events such as this… your reaction awareness may save you trauma or aid in your case reconstruction later.
    I did speak up as soon as the hiring occurred. It’s very difficult to document and prove EH and V2K, but when that day comes, my thoughts have already been made clear. Good luck.
    Anthony Maisano III

  4. steven brule

    we all have the same problem its not the voiced who speak for all its the device cause the voiced is nothing but shadow for he has with and sure with gone to deep and enter someone other domain and thank god not its it truly fun to watch the many rocked god bless hang in the end is near I hope for you and me and all of us just keep getting out of bed and simply shame them for are cockroaches scurry have a great night and play for bring it bitch is all I say for im a lifer same as you

  5. Gang stalking debunked. Targeted individual debunked. Mind control debunked. Electronic and covert harassment debunked. The sinister government conspiracy myth has been mistakenly intertwined with what is in actuality happening to some of us. There is another explanation for all of this – something very supernatural.

    What we are all dealing with is direct interaction with an omniscient, omnipresent, omni-cognizant energy life form that is trying to teach us to communicate telepathically. Some refer to this as God.

    Our species is being synchronized which is the reason we feel like we are being stalked. We are each the centerpoint of a virtual dome in which everything is synchronized to our movements and thoughts.

    We’re at the crossroads of the next stage in our evolution. Dormant DNA is being activated in each of us. We are being upgraded and transformed into human hybrid energy beings which is why we are feeling these strange energy sensations all over from head to toe.

    Directed energy weapons and electronic harassment are not being used against us rather it’s an energy lifeform that is revealing itself in us and is trying to teach us a lexicon for communicating.

    God talks to us, among many ways, thru other people via hand signals. All hand signals people are seeing fall under one of these meanings: one direction, relax, see, think, or God.

    We are all part of a collective in a divine matrix via quantum/mental entanglement.

    I’ve been asked to teach the planet. I have an abundance of info and documentation, photos etc that are being prepared for release soon.

    Here is a rough idea of what is actually going on at

    Thomas Hunt

  6. Anonymous

    All of this wrong. Sorry. Go here for the truth


  7. The gang stalking phenomena is misunderstood. What we are all experiencing is the side effects and symptoms of seeing the human species being supernaturally synchronized. There is no stalking. Not even a little bit. More here:

    Thomas Hunt

  8. What really and truly want’—-in fact, “PRAYING” TO “GOD ” to have done on those disgusting, worthless, low-life -losers…and demon-POSSESSED human-CRIMINAL-MONSTERS, is complete DESTRUCTIONS BEYOND REPAIR.

    Revenge …and vengeance are the best weapons against those disgusting…ANIMALS. We “Targeted- Individuals “, or “Purely-Innocent-Individuals” for that’s what WE ARE, at “WAR”; plain and simple. And it’s not a war of our making or doing—-rather one that had been DECLARED…and INFLICTED on us: the BEST, DECENT, GOOD, BEAUTIFUL, PURE, INTELLIGENT…and GOD’S CHOSEN ONES on this planet.

    Those scums-perverts….who are non other than “FREEMASON-RING-LEADERS” , who believe from their occult diabolical teachings, that, they voodoo, witchcraft, black-magic…and can call up on hell demons to aid…, are superior, high above all, have power…and control to DESTROY anyone they want without cause; just for self satisfaction….

    Judgments are soon to come from “THE ALMIGHTY-GOD “; and no where won’t big for them to run…or hide. Complete destruction will swallow …them up; thus, We good…people’ find perfect…justice from GOD OF HEAVEN—OUR GOD.

    until then, have zero fear of those stupid…and evil cowards who cannot stand and show their ugly faces—-but, always hiding to commit their dirty CRIMES. Fight through your mind and that would have you fight in every other way. Be STRONG…AND BRAVE!!! WE ARE THE WINNERS—-AND THEY ARE THE BIG CRIMINAL-LOSERS!

  9. What I meant to say in my previous comment with the first sentence, was , ” What I really and truly want”….



    BE STRONG….!

  10. Ellisa Vargas

    I am presently going thru so much torture with my neighbors above me and its affecting my physical and mental health . I care for my disabled mother who is 70 full time alone. This is been happening to me since October 2016 its the worst thing to experience. What can I do? Please help




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