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Technologies are linchpins, to a large degree, in these gang stalking campaigns of psychological harassment and torture aimed at innocent citizens, which some call a covert war (1) . An informed former military and defense employee, Peter Mooring, spells out some disturbing truths regarding these technologies, as well as the operations of covert actions against innocent civilians. His blog entry entitled “Torture and Murder without Evidence” is here: (Mooring’s Blog:

I also recommend reading the blog by Ton Hoogeboom for some revealing information about these psychological harassment campaigns and their use of technologies that influence and interfere with the functioning of the human brain: For a broader perspective on the development of these mind weapons, a history, and the secretive targeting of civilians with them, see this link:
Monarch, The New Pheonix Program
and find other books regarding this phenomena by the same author on the right side of his myspace:

The more I live with the harassment and torture campaign aimed at me, the more I understand the technological, as well as the psychological, aspects of this criminal state sponsored enterprise. It is with these technologies, in tandum with scripted psychological harassment and mind games, that targets are brought to psychological paralysis, and often end up institutionalized. Once institutionalized, they may endure ongoing demoralization and ridicule, as well as psychological harassment, all performed by multiple players, from family and friends, to psychiatric doctors, and others working within the institution, all being directed to do so by the organizers who are specialists in the field of psychological warfare and harassment. From the street harassment and organized stalking to the institution, technologies that aimed at the mind of targets are used.

The technologies are refered to in a number of different ways. They are called psychotronics (psychotronic weapons), electronic harassment, electromagnetic frequency weapons . These technologies are arcane, some are remote and mobile, while others are operated via satellite. In the same way that a frequency signal is connected from satellite to cell phone, technology exists to connect a frequency beamed from satellite to the low resonating frequency of the human brain (2, 3). I would not be saying this if I did not know first hand from experiences that I have had since my life was engulfed by this highly planned criminal activity. For further reading regarding the use of satellite for surveillance and harassment I refer you to the following, which I recommend reading:;; xiando: John Fleming article; The forth link includes a link to an article by Nicky Hager, an investigative journalist from New Zealand, who writes about NSA surveillance technology, and it is well worth the read. Just follow the link concerned with ‘Global Surveillance’. A resourceful site regarding high level covert criminal and unconstitutional activity by the US intelligence community and the NSA is N.C.O.I.C, The Civil Intelligence Association, Defense Oversight Group:

There is enough information regarding technological surveillance and harassment for the disearning mind to come to some startling conclusions. Testimonies from victims, many of whom are networked together, along with a bit of reading about these technologies and their histories, may be enough for the average person to believe that something sinister is going on within military intelligence and the NSA and its worldwide web of complicity. (see mind control victims blog:

I never came into reading anything concerned with this topic, until I myself became a victim. Some 5 months into the severe and pervasive psychological harassment and terror I discovered websites exposing this disturbing phenomena. I read accounts that were identical or similar to the experiences that I was experiencing. In the start of it all, it did not take too much time for me to figure out that what I was experiencing, a severe assault on my psychological well-being, was being orchestrated by people who were, in one way or another, connected to military intelligence. This was due to the realization that everything happening to me was well planned and thought out, highly organized, and very covert. The surveillance, the chemical and technological assaults on my mind have the definate signature of intelligence, and the Organized Stalking and co-opting of everything from airlines to local law enforcement indicate the strongest of influence. Organized stalking(gang stalking), it should be pointed out, is just one facet of these state sponsored psychological terror campaigns that rely heavily on the technology that is used to surveill and undermine the victim’s psychology.

The intent of gang-stalking is to …
1. render the
target, the victim,
psychologically demoralized even to the point of
committing suicide;
2. make
the target appear, to the
larger community, to be mentally unstable for the
purposes of … a.
discrediting and psychologically demoralizing the target; b.
ensuring no one
will believe the target when they claim they are being targeted;
3. alienate and marginalize the target from the larger
community, even
family, making it easier to psychologically demoralize and
discredit the target.

Lynn Stuter, Are You Really Crazy, or
Are You Being Gang Stalked

I have had serious and severe psychological harassment and violence, as well as attacks on my mind (chemical and technological), and ongoing theft. I have been victim of planned initiatives that use multiple player, all ending in results that are have been cruel or very sick. All has been executed by experts and specialists, and I do not doubt for an instance that they are connected to military intelligence. Covert operations aimed at innocent civilians, for the purpose of neutralization, experimentation (target practice), and murder has a long history in the US, and it has been determined by people within the target community that these operations, here in the US, have no limits in financing, as well as power and control in conducting there campaigns against targets. Thus said, I present below some notes regarding the often sick, ever sadistic and cruel torture and psychological violence done to me.

Notes about my harassment:

The campaign of psychological terror, harassment and violence is continual, but at times things may develop within my life in such ways as to make the attacks and harassment seem less. It is often the case that any fortunes that may come my way will be corrupted, sabotaged or ruined by the terrorists doing this to me. This could be a job, friends, or gaining credibility concerning my account of all that has happened. The people doing this to me are continually trying to discredit me, rubbing in facts that they have orchestrated what was forced institutionalizations aimed at discredting my mental state, as well as performing scripted psychological harassment and ‘bogus investigations’ within institutions. The institutionalizations have also been an effort aimed at manipulating my family members, controlling them, while wrecking my credit and sapping any finances that I may have. It is fraud to be forced into a facility within healthcare, be harassed while in the facility, receive ‘bogus diagnosis’ by physicians (who are co-opted to participate in the campaign), and left with a hefty bill. The determination for my institutionalization was the campaign, and had nothing to do with my actual mental health at the times. Manipulation by people couched to convince me to go into these facilities, voluntarily was so evident, after being admitted and receiving a full taste of organized harassment within them.
They orchestrate mind games and psychological violence in a continual manner, and these are performed all over the place. The internet, in public, in stores, on the street, and in place of residency. This has been going on since this began. They continually enter my home when I am not there and they do this to take things (theft), and arrange things in my home in their efforts at the psychological harassment initiative at the time. I have had clothing in excess of 500 dollars stolen from my home, and creative writing and prose stolen, corruption of taste in items such as coffee. They have caused my refrigorator to fail, thus ruining food purchases.
The local police, in a number of differing locations, have been used to stalk me, as has been rreported to be the case in gang stalking. This is often the case in gang stalking campaigns. They are used in these terror campaigns, the same way family and friends are used, surprising as it may seem.

The technological ELF attacks are used to prime my mind for staged and scripted psychological harassment, cause depression, and muddledness of the mind. They (the technologies) have produce a number of differing affects and can make me look as if I am doped up and nervous, mentally fatigued, or overcome with anxiety. They can induce a sick feeling in my stomach and head, in the same manner that they are able to induce rage and aggitation, always with a little help from environmental stimuli, ie: psychological harassment, scripted psychological violence mind, ridicule and disparaging, as well as classic organized and scripted baiting.

The reality of the crimes committed against me is cloaked in a fabric that is woven with gag rules, a discrediting campaign aimed at my psychological state, bogus investigations, and perhaps threat and blackmail. The crimes committed against me range from covert druggings, laced items of consumption, theft, and defamation of character to protracted psychological harassment and violence, workplace mobbing, institutional abuse, psychiatric abuse, financial fraud, and physical violation and assault (possible medical violation).

A very detailed survey of my psychology and personal history was done through surveilling me for many years prior to the assault, and makes possible some of the cruelest forms of psychological harassment aimed at ridiculing and insulting everything from my relation with my mother and father to my gains, achievements, professional skills, and intelligence. Details of my family relations, friendships, aspirations, and interests required an intense invasion of privacy, not only of in regards to me, but of my family, and perhaps my friends. It is certain that many years before the assault my parents house was entered by these criminals, to survey everything about me and my family. In certain significant times, certain things belonging to me, dissappeared from my parents house. The significance of the times, and the singnificance of the objects, correlate with the character of the harassment and psychological violence which have been performed. The times relate to the passing of both my mother and father, indicating that these criminals were in my life some 10 years ago, making preparations for the opportune time to initiate the all out assault. After the passing of my father some years ago, I was without a living parent, and these criminals could move in and begin to work my siblings, create some bogus investigation, and eventually hit me with the terror. Through detailed study and psychological profiling, these criminal psycho-terrorists are able to perform pscyhological harassments that most people would consider too far fetched, thus leading the target to appear psychologically ill when telling about the harassment to others.

It is an assault on the psychology of the target, and everything from the car your girlfriend drove ten years ago, classmates in university, nick nacks collected when younger, conversations with family and friends, things the target holds dear, to the vulnerable area of the target’s psychology and self-esteem, will be documented in preparations for very carefully planned psychological crimes. All of this will be used to harass and psychologically terrorize the victim. It is making the target aware of the indepth knowledge that the campaign has of them that demoralizes them and causes them to realize that they have been reduces to an object of constent (protracted) mind games and psychological violence 24/7.

The goals of the campaign are to torture me psychologically, cause the greatest amount of suffering without any trace of a crime (covert). There has been evidence, but the control that these people excert over those they used, and law enforcement make any effort at recourse useless. Victims of this phenomena abound, and they are all helpless. This fact should lead anyone to conclude that the people involved in dreaming up these campaigns are no different from a serial rapist, who stalks and commits horrific crimes against victims who are helpless. It is a crime of power and control, one that preys on vicims who can do nothing to protect themselves.

Before this crap began, the pervasive terror that is, I had fine credit, and had never in my adult life been victim of serious or even minor theft. Since 2005 I have been victim of theft, all of which has been orchestrated by these sadistic criminals. The times, the people involved, and the items taken, or not taken, all relate to this clever campaign of terror. Clever set ups, led into them cleverly by ‘friends’ that had been co-opted, as well as building guards that had been co-opted, resulted in the successful theft of my laptop, and other items.

Some links to follow:

Technological Harassment and Mind Interfering Technology:!9B6CD1D7F6F8F411!1908.entry

Government Harassment, Cointelpro

Gang Stalking

Psychological profiling



2. David Walonick, Effects of 6-10 Hz on Brain Waves

3. Tim Rafit, Microwave Mind Control


I realized there was a whole community of targeted people screaming out to be heard, but stonewalled by the media & human rights organizations. These human rights organizations have received many complaints about Organized Vigilante Stalking[gang stalking/covert harassment], but as of the time of this writing they have not acknowledged this phenomenon. I can only conclude they have been given stand-down orders, no doubt for reasons of national security.” -Mark Rich



The topics of covert harassment, covert actions against innocent citizens (apfn, Lynn Stuter article , ), technological harassment and surveillance (mind control and electronic harassment) are topics that are as complex as the lives of the victims who are targeted, thus making it very difficult for the general public to understand, believe, or even grasp an understanding that might lead them in any direction to believe. The media reports nothing, as they have done in past covert crimes orchestrated by intelligence. None the less, the potency that these covert criminal campaigns have in conducting assaults on innocent and defenseless individuals is uncontested, and dangerous. The judicial system, local and federal law enforcement, and legal services all fall into manipulation by the people orchestrating the campaign, making these covert actions totally deniable, and omnipotent. These campaigns operate above the law, and such should lead anyone to conclude that they are operations by military intelligence, the NSA, and the CIA. Selected individuals are chosen to become the targets for psychological harassment, violence and torture, and psychological warfare tactics, performed by experts within intelligence, for practice, experimentation, and also neutralization perposes (whistleblowers).

One only needs to familarize themselves with Cointelpro and MK Ultra , two programs of covert operations, for neutralization of progressives (FBI), and experimentation on the minds of innocent unwitting citizens (CIA), to begin to understand what is happening today with the reports of covert harassment, gang stalking, technological (mind control) harassment. Cointelpro was meant to be stopped after senate hearings in the 1970s. MK Ultra seemingly had the same fate, but even reports from PBS comes this: “COINTELPRO was a secret FBI program designed to monitor and “neutralize” domestic groups deemed by the FBI to be a danger to national security. Such groups included anti-war groups and civil rights groups and individuals like Martin Luther King, Jr. and even Eleanor Roosevelt. Some fear that something like COINTELPRO may again be at hand. There are undercover agents infiltrating peaceful protests in America. Pretending to be political activists, local law enforcement officials are monitoring the activities of advocacy and protest groups based on what one judge calls those organizations’ “political philosophies and conduct protected under the First Amendment.” The tactic has come about as a result of the relaxation of guidelines first put into place after the COINTELPRO scandal investigation. Learn more about the history and the new guidelines below.”
The calls and reports have been mounting in the last decade, from people claiming to have been discredited in their communities, mobbed out of work, and assaulted with organized harassment and stalking in a manner that is pervasive and around the clock. “More than fifty scientists, professors, engineers, former intelligence personnel, well-known published authors and targeted individuals from Australia to Alaska recently united to call for government inquiry into covert harassment and remotely inflicted direct energy torture. Targeted individuals globally are being secretly tortured to point of death or to death in their communities according to Deborah Dupre,’ campaign coordinator and coalition founder.” –

Al Gore’s speech on Martin Luther King Day, 2006, Save Our Constitution, highlights the unconstitutional behaviors and actions of the current Bush Administration. In his speech, Gore touched upon Cointelpro and other covert actions directly, by citing the facts of widespread illegal surveillance and harassment of civil rights leaders and activists in the 60s and 70s, and he refers to the currect illegal wiretapping and surveillance controversy, actions that are directly related to gang stalking/vigilante stalking/covert harassment, or simply put, covert government and corperate sponsred harassment campaigns aimed at innocent civilians in developed coutries. It is well worth the read:

Today, the flood of reports concerning psychological harassment programs aimed at innocent people, from Canada and the US to Japan and Europe, reveal something very serious, something that crumbles an individual’s civil and human rights totally, while attempting to drive the victims to suicide, violent rage, homelessness, or institutionalization. I am one such victim. I have been isolated, harassed, institutionally abused, assaulted with arcane technologies, covertly drugged, and the target of highly planned mind games that have drawn on a careful study of my psychology. The power and control that these attackers have, who no doubt are connected to US intelligence, in one way or another, creates a false reality, painting the targets as suffering from mental illness. The control of information, the nature of the harassment, and the denial by all who have been co-opted by the campaign, makes certain that lies dominate, and the crime is sealed in confidentiality, gag rules, and threats.

Organized Stalking is a form of terrorism used against an individual in a malicious attempt to reduce the quality of a persons life so they will: have a nervous break-down, become incarcerated, institutionalized, experience constant mental, emotional, or physical pain, become homeless, &/or commit suicide. This is done using well-orchestrated accusations, lies, rumors, bogus investigations, setups, framings, intimidation, overt or covert threats, vandalism, thefts, sabotage, torture, humiliation, emotional terror, & general harassment. It is a “ganging up” by members of the community who follow an organizer & participate in a systematic “terrorizing” of an individual.”-Mark M. Rich

Recommened reading:

And I recommend viewing a video concerned with CIA operations regarding top secret and criminal activity aimed mind influencing technologies, which incorperate organized stalking, psychological harassment, technological harassment and surveillance, druggings, theft and freud:

Here are some blogs from other targets:

Weblinks concerned with psychological harassment, government military intelligence use of classified and unclassified technologies as experimentation using victims of covert action:


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There are victims of something refered to as gang stalking or organized stalking, covert harassment, and mind control experimentation (1, 2, 3). These all are basically the same thing, government and corperate run (sponsored) hidden (covert) campaigns of psychological harassment, psychological and physical torture, and mind (control) torture using arcane technologies that attack and/or alter the mind (brian function). They can manipulating moods, causing distress, fatigue and inflicting a vast array of other symptoms on the victim (target), both mental and physical. “Say the words “Mind Control” and most people think of sciencefiction or lunatic fringe. Yet, incredible as it may seem, mind altering technology is real.” –Judy Wall, researcher (4). Like most targets and people trying to expose these horrific hidden crimes, Judy Wall has been stalked, as well as targeted with the same technologies that she writes about.

Targets of these campaigns become known as Target Individuals, and their lives are firstly assaulted with smear campaigns that isolate them from family and friends. The campaigns then sabotage, either slowly or quickly, everything from employment and finance, to marrages and family ties. The aim is to, through pervasive coverage of a targets life, boycott the individuals every affair, from professional to leasure, and beyond. There is usually little help for the target, and any sympathizers the target may have, or may aquire while being targeted, will be worked on by the campaigners of these criminal assaults. Lies and clever profiles of the target will be presented to anyone and everyone in the community, who may have contact with the target. These people pose as private investigators, or they say they are from the government. Gag rules are given to all involved in the harassment, and are threatened with jail time or harassment if they do not follow the comands presented to them. Some people involved in the organized stalking are careerists in the activity, some get legal assistance in return for participating, other may get help with getting a job (5). As for the organizers who run these campaigns, former or present people in military intelligence, CIA, NSA. This is what I have concluded with all that I have read.

The Hidden Evil, an introduction to what organized stalking is, states the following: “There are many websites now devoted to the topic of Organized Stalking. This phenomenon is not yet recognized by the mainstream media, the legal community, or mental health professionals. Some small talk shows such as The grassy Knoll, The Power Hour, The Investigative Journal, & a few others, have covered this topic in detail. Some true investigative reporters are subjected to this type of harassment, ridicule, or job loss (or death) when they try to expose similar phenomenon. Some of them are afraid of becoming targets. Many targets & reputable authors have concluded that this is state-sponsored terrorism. – An Introduction to Organized Vigilante Stalking Also visit The Hidden Evil: What It Is (6)


Why do people become targets, and how could anyone believe that an innocent person’s life would be assaulted in the ways as described by people reporting about gang stalking and mind control? (see symptoms)(8) It is stated that whistleblowers, activists, progressives, are selected for these campaigns, though some people are chosen simply for target practice for highly crafted and clever psychological terror and experimentation. Some say that gang stalking is ALSO a revenge service for hire, used by organized crime and people in high places. Some information on why it happens can be found on CATCH Canada, or following other links I have placed throughout this blog. Many, if not most people who become targets have not a clue why it is happening to them. Elenor White owner of raven1, Sueann Campbell, who owns a site dedicated to exposing and stopping organized stalking: Stop Covert War , are two of the many of innocent victims who have come under horrific assaults by being targeted by organized stalking, psychological harassment, and technological harassment. Allen L. Baker, an American academic who has himself been victim of government harassment and mind control torture using mind influencing technology states: Basically a person is selected for torture and surveillance for whatever real reason is involved — classified work, they are presumed subversive, they are a random experimental subject, etc. — and then one objective of the surveillance is to come up with plausible lies about why the surveillance was begun in the first place. –Excuses and Manipulations for Torture Baker.(10) The reasons behind why someone is targeted may be left to speculation, but one thing is certain, targets are innocent victims who have their civil liberties taken away, their human rights violated 100% in an ongoing fashion, and virtually have no recourse. “They [targets/victims] have been exploited and been put through experiences meant to demean them. They have been slandered, blackmailed, and threatened. They have had their minds repeatedly violated and often their bodies as well.They have often had such incredible and hard-to-believe experiences on an ongoing basis that they do not even mention the most outrageous ones, knowing they will face ridicule enough for describing their other experiences.” Baker

In brief, that’s been the story of my life ever since. Some group is, hard as it may be to believe, targetting me for harassment, theft, sabotage, and even character assassination, at home, while travelling, and on the job. To this day I cannot identify the group behind this, but that this is an organized campaign is not in doubt.Sueann Campbell (11)

Organized Stalking is a form of terrorism used against an individual in a malicious attempt to reduce the quality of a persons life so they will: have a nervous break-down, become incarcerated, institutionalized, experience constant mental, emotional, or physical pain, become homeless, &/or commit suicide. This is done using well-orchestrated accusations, lies, rumors, bogus investigations, setups, framings, intimidation, overt or covert threats, vandalism, thefts, sabotage, torture, humiliation, emotional terror, & general harassment. It is a “ganging up” by members of the community who follow an organizer & participate in a systematic “terrorizing” of an individual.”-Mark M. Rich

Within the United States there is a history of organized stalking and harassment, once conducted by the KKK and directed at blacks in the South. The United States government has its own history of experimenting on indiviuduals with mind control techniques, be they chemical, or technological. These are well documented, the history concerning the CIA’s mind control experimentation that was discovered and brought to an end during Senate hearings is called MK Ultra. Cointelpro was the FBI’s covert harassment program aimed at progressives, civil rights activists, outspoken individuals such a Martin Luther King. These programs are alive today, for some say they never ended, they simply went underground. An entire culture of sadistic psychological torture has evolved within intelligence and organized crime. “The 1960s program, coordinated by the FBI under the code name “COINTELPRO,” was exposed in the 1970s and supposedly stopped. But covert operations against domestic dissidents [and others] did not end. They have persisted and become an integral part of government activity.”- Cointelpro 90s … by Brian Glick. A youtube presentation featuring a rebroadcast of a C-SPAN video of a talk with Walter Mondale and other representatives concerning Cointelpro, the Church Committee findings, and operations by the NSA and CIA offers some very real considerations concerning the constitutional legality of operations of these intelligence organizations: Covert Actions Against American Citizens Living in America. Another video on youtube introduces what Cointelpro was: Cointelpro FBI. And by the same person, who states recorded facts, and has researched these covert operations are two videos that depict quite accurately what gang stalking and covert harassment are today: Target Individual #31 and Target Individual #32 . What is highlighted in these short videos is the present day reality of targets, who are faced with ‘a full coverage system of surveillance’, a multitude of external stressor created by harassment, stalking, break-ins, on going pety theft, and assualts with technologies that by remote interfere with the functioning of the brain.

It is unclear as to the web of complicity, though the immense power that the people who run these gang stalking and covert harassment operations have points, in my mind and others, to some sort of connections to military intelligence, be it the NSA or the CIA. The fact that they can influence psychiatrists and people working within psychiatric facilities, businesses from utilities, airlines to local restaurants and radio, as well as local law enforcement, shows blanket coverage of a target’s life. The technologies used in some of these assaults are technologies developed by government intelligence and contractors. Judy Wall, a researcher and writer, has written a book and other articles that include patents for some of these technologies, while citing documenting proof that these technologies exist, and are deployed. (Judy Wall). Dr. Reinhart Munzert offers an article that covers to some extent the reality of these technologies. Many targets are diagnosed as being mentally ill, without even knowing that they are targets. Others who are aware of the assault on their life are forced into psychiatric facilities, sometime receiving harassment and ridicule within the facilities from doctors who are co-opted by the organizers of these campaigns. One such person is Penny Scheff: “Describing some of the experiences that resulted in a diagnosis of schizo-affective and presenting information that indicates these symptoms can be inflicted upon targeted individuals.”Scheff”s blog.

Many people have come forward who are NOT suffering from psychosis in the true sense, but with accompanying external harassment, are hearing voices and others sound that are transmitted into their skulls by remote technology THAT EXISTS. Facts regarding the existing of this technology can be found:
The technology stated in the above link is even used at airports to transmit sounds into the skulls of birds that may disrupt airflights. Follow the next link below for some more information, based on fact, about these technologies that have been created, and ARE being misused by people, criminals, who run gang stalking/covert harassment/organized stalking campaigns against innocent individuals. LINK

Here is a patent documenting one such electronic device

We the undersigned have suffered or are suffering from strange and similar symptoms.There is no physical or mental illness that can cause all of the symptoms indicated below. But there is a technology(neurological weapons, radio-frequency weapons) that can. A letter to Representative Shelley Berkley on

From Direct Energy Weapons to Electromagnetic Frequency devices, these are acane technologies that are in use today, and they are targeted at individuals in the target communities of covert harassment, gang stalking, mind control experimentation, as well as organized stalking. The fact that these crimes are kept out of the media via a tight grip on such reports by the intelligence community relegates the entire topic to an area that has more in common of reports in the realm of the paranormal and ghosts. This fact of censorship should lead any intelligent person to think twice about these reported covert activities. There are real victims of these criminal activities, and the simple fact that reports and accounts are only provided by the victims themselves, as well as their advocates, points directly to a carefully guided hand by our government in censoring. Victims are typically always discredited through forced psychiatric institutionalization, and their contacts with friends and extended family will be either corrupted or interrupted. People close to these targets will be given gag rules by the people exercising these crimes, while false information painting the target as a criminal (rapist, child molester, drug dealer, etc) is presented to them. The gag rules function to stifle any sympathy for the target, as well as keep the truth about the psychological harassment/terror campaign from reaching extended family and the community.

Some links regarding the technologies that may be referred to as any of the following: psychotronics (psychotronic weapons), electronic harassment , electromagnetic frequency weapons, should be read with a disearning and open mind, taking note of recorded facts concerning the history of such technological developments by the US and other governments. Once one grasps a basic understanding of these technologies, the accounts from victims should be read. It just so happens that the accounts of both victims of the covert harassment and the mind control experimentation are difficult to believe, leading many to pass them off as delusionally based, though this is a direct result of the covert nature, as well as the unbelievable sadistic tactics used.

Links regarding ‘mind control technologies’ that are used in covert harassment, gang stalking and mind control experimentation. Before reading these sites, one ought to review the information documenting the actual programs of covert operations against civilans that were conducted after WWII. The operations are well documented fact, as they were brought before senate hearings. They are MK Ultra and Cointelpro. Below are links to VICTIMS OF COVERT ACTION, but first find links to organized stalking and mind control technology.

Organized Stalking Links and info:

David Lawson, an investigative journalist, his Book on organized group stalking: highlights.

Also see this article Organized Stalking – A Taboo Subject from Elenor White, a victim and advocate exposing these crimes. Same article found on Rouge ValleyIMC :

Mind Control & Technology

US Patents for Subliminal Suggestion and Mind Control from

Allen L. Baker: Baker’s page on government harassment and mind control torture, and his own experience with it found here: What they did.
MIND CONTROL technologies, techniques, and politics
“These pages contain documents, links, references, and commentary related to mind control. Mind control is the term in common usage to describe covert behavior modification techniques and the use of neuroinfluencing technology. The main focus of these pages is mind control using electromagnetic and acoustic devices, though the use of drugs, hypnosis, and induced trauma also appears. Focusing too closely on one technique can obscure the fact that the methods may be used in concert with each other, and focusing too closely on the technology alone can obscure the tactics which employ the technology. The political aspect of mind control concerns its use in a “free” society: the testing of the technology on nonconsensual subjects, its use in political persuasion and in suppressing dissent, as well as how the very existence of the technology is covered up and concealed.”

Open Letter to Media by Judy WallJudy Wall is a bioelectromagnetics researcher, who has published a series of articles outlining the history and capabilities of neuro-electromagnetic weapons. She is also recipient of one of the summer 1999 Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse awards for her ongoing efforts to warn the world about the extreme potential for atrocities. ”

Mind Control With Silence Sound and Super Computers, by Judy Wall

“In many cases the victim has little or no idea why they’re targeted. The harassment is persistent and unrelenting, occurring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Most are targeted for the remainder of their lives. Some have been harassed for over 20 years! Many have died as a result, either by committing suicide or by illnesses brought on by directed energy weapons via a “dropped dead sudden death” occurrence assumed to be a natural death attributed to a heart attack or other traumatic incident. But America doesn’t know it is due to MKULTRA and directed energy weapons, electro magnetic radiation” E. Adams Organized Crime Wave


Covert Action Victims

JoySoup Organized Stalking Blog: I’m an innocent victim under illegal 24 hour a day surveillance and harassment. What’s happening to me is almost exactly like what people describe as organized stalking. The invasion of my home, the harassment, the slander is psychological torture. I have no way to defend myself against the lies being told. It’s difficult and expensive to counter the illegal surveillance which is being done overtly as a form of psychological torture in itself, it’s like being raped publicly. I’m unable to work, have other people around me, I’ve been isolated by the non stop slander and harassment. I can’t walk down the street without experiencing some form of harassment. I’m sure this is all against New York State stalking laws.

Takahiro Tozaki Japanese victim of gang stalking, covert harassment

Penny Sue Scheff A victims of harassment and electromagnetic assaults, she was rejected by the ACLU when she approached them for help. She has been misdiagnosed as schizoaffective, and is homeless. “I have experienced years of psychological harassment and electromagnetic harassment, sensitivity and torture. These have resulted in homelessness, multiple mild brain strokes and shocks, frequency induced rage/stress and leg pain/cramps, sleep deprivation, nightmares, loss of contact with my family (some of whom may have had similar or worse experiences), physical and verbal assaults in public places, dog attacks, sabotage of work efforts,lack of employment, depletion of MCI savings and many other atrocities – some of which are listed below.”

etisoppa (wisdom from the mirror) victim Blog “I have ended up a Mind Assault Torture victim. A promising life so interfered with. I had no idea, prior to 1990, they had, or that there even existed, such technologies as these with which to interfere with me. I thought it was some Roswel retro-engineering technology. But I know the onus is completely on “those people”. They most certainly are not the best the world has to offer in terms of character, ethics, morality, decency, regards for others, depth of humanity etc.”

jbhFILE covert druggings and organized harassment

Soleilmavis Pink Peace, a site dedicated to exposing the crimes of mind control technology: “There are more than 1500 people who are suffering terribly from mind control and electromagnetic weapons torturing and harassment. Some victims were only 21-22 years old when the first time they were seriously tortured and harassed.”

A Story of Struggle for Freedom and Human Rights Soleilmavis: “This is a real story about some people who have been using some kind of Directed Energy weapons and Mind Control Weapons to torture, harass, humiliate and keep watch on me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week since Jan 2002.”

Soleilmavis Mind Control Weapons & links A Chinese victim of electronic harassment discusses the technology involved and offers links to articles to back up the claims of victims. Victim’s site dedicated to exposing and informing the public: “Absolute power corrupts absolutely. And no greater evidence of this is shown than when someone believes that they have the ability to act without consequence”

My Electronic Harassment Life wordpress blog

Bruno Marchesani A Mind Control Victim: “These covert harassment operations are essentially a continuation of the U.S. COINTELPRO and MKULTRA FBI and CIA programs which targeted citizens with discrediting campaigns and conducted mind control experiments on human subjects beginning in the 1950s and were investigated by the U.S. Church committee congressional hearings in the 1970s.”

TI WORLD: “I am surveilled, harassed and gangstalked everywhere I go 24/7/365. Most of the city’s population and all its civic services appear to have been co-opted in supporting this depravity”

Anti Organized Stalking Information and Support Site : “But make no mistake about it: The fact that organized MULTIPLE stalking has become common, and is NOT prosecuted by the justice system of any country, means that constitutional rule of law is DEAD. When citizens can be targeted for years and DECADES without law enforcement acting to stop the crimes, you have no rule of law, you have the rule of the jungle. What you are going to read on this site may not seem real to the unaware public.”

“A SECRET CRIME WAVE IS SWEEPING THE UNITED STATES AND COUNTRIES ALL OVER THE WORLD. PEOPLE ARE BEING GROUP STALKED (STALKING BY ORGANIZED GROUPS OF PEOPLE) AND COVERTLY TARGETED WITH DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS (DEW‘S). THIS IS ALSO REFERRED TO AS ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT AND TORTURE. “- Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance : “exposure sometimes results in more extreme measures against victims and their families including disappearance and murder, a risk that victims are taking to gain a voice; end their torture; and provide greater future protection for their families. Human rights group volunteers are urgently needed to protect and assist these casualties and loved ones to deliver testimonies to U.S. Congress.”